Wednesday, October 31, 2007


You are gone and I'm so lonely
You're the only one I want to hold me
Since you left I've just cried in my room
It doesn't even seem like we're under the same moon
I miss you so very much

I miss everything about your touch
I miss how I would kiss your soft cheek
I miss how you were always so very sweet
We would lay as you hold me in your arms
I felt so safe when you were nearby
Every time I saw you I would let out a sigh
I'd see you coming and show a big smile

I haven't smiled for such a long while
I remember how you would come into my room at night and lay by my side
As I wait for you to return I just want to die
I know that I wont see you for a very long time
I miss you so much, now nothing matters to me but you

Now that you are gone theres nothing that I do
I just sit in my room and sing our song
And I pretend that you are singing along
I know you are not here with me
But I pray that you are thinking of me
We are under the same stars, the same sun
But my tears have just begun
I dream about you and hope you are dreaming about me
I just wish I could see Baby I want you here so bad
Without you all I am is sad
My life is over until you are here


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