Thursday, October 25, 2007


Wishing I was with you is just a fantasy,
Hoping it will come true so you can be with me.
Today is a special day for you and for me
I wish I could be there,

I would swim over seas just to show how much I care.
The first time I met you I didn’t think I would love you,
Before I saw you, I’ve dreamt of you and it came true.

I wish I could hold you now
I just need you so much,
I would do anything for you just to feel your touch.
I cant live without you, I really don’t think I can,

I want to kiss you forever because deep inside u r my one & only man!
I know you wish I was with you now right now,
I would be your best present if we were together somehow.

I cried after 12am knowing it was your special day,
Im really sad that i'm not there on your birthday.
I feel I am the one to blame I should be there with you,
I would do anything for you but your so far away,
So the words come out of my mouth… from my heart…


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