Saturday, June 30, 2007


1. always complement a lady:Give her a good compliment like you look beautiful..etc

2.always listen to your gurl:If your girl says something and you know its a lie just tell her you believe her because if you say no she will think you dont trust her and if you say yes she will think that you dont want to lose her and she will like you more. Hope this works for you

3.Ask...Ask them something that they would maybe enjoy doing (i.e. playing guitar or something) and just keep doing stuff like that

4.B4 u talk to her:make a list of what to talk about

5.BE HONEST…Never try to lie to make yourself look better, or to keep yourself out of trouble with her. The thing that girls looks for in a guy the most is honesty. Remember...if she don't like you for who you are. Then the hell with her. But remember the most important thing... BE HONEST


7.Clothing: you have chosen the clothes you wear because they are clothes you enjoy. So talk to your mate about the clothes they choose! Say how much you like them, ask why they chose that color, enjoy the texture of the shirt. Comment on the cool design or embroidery

8.Come on guys... Its not that hard: Guys... come on! If you like a girl dont wait for her to give you a "sign"... most girls are waiting for you to go and talk to her. Go up to her and break the ice, ask a stupid question or just ask her for her name.

9. Conversation:If you wanna make a great convo wif your bf/gf find out what they r interested in. Then just bring it up casually with him/her and then BOOM - theres a convo - because your bf/gf will be suprised you know so much about it and they will share their thoughts too

10.How to get a girl’s name:Go up to a girl and ask, Do i know you and if they say no, then interduce yourself. Then ask them thier name. Trust me, you get to know a girl that way.

11.Eye contact and smile:Really, this one can go for men or women - simply, smile at that person when you see them, and when they're talking keep eye contact with them (or at least on their face). Smile when greeting them, smile when saying good-bye; keep eye contact and make it seem like whatever they're saying to you is of the utmost importance - which it should be if you're trying to woo him/her!This really does work, just let it come naturally.

12.Get him to talk to you:Look at him and when he notices that you've been looking at him ask him for help. Then when he is helping you complment him on how cute or how good he looks.

13. go up to her:Even if you are shy say to your self i can do it.Repeat it over and over and you'll get itAsk her for her name,say that you think she's cute and you want to get to know her,etc...Ask for her number but don't give her yours if she's a shy one.

14.good tip:talk about their favorite color,food exc talk about what made him/her like you and how you guys met

15.shake with the flirty smile:when u meet a girl first time just don t say hi move ur hand forward to shake her hand and give her flirty smile .it help s the the girl to think about u.


Kissing is one of the most basic forms of contact between two people who care for each other. Learn more about how to kiss and what a kiss says about you.
  • The best kiss ever!(for guys):lay her oh a bed,couch etc get ontop of her and make her feel safe then gently lick or peck her hot spots e.g neck, stummach, ear after that give her a sweet kiss on the lips(mouth closed) lift your head up and look her in the eyes and tell her something like "i love you!" softly and sweetly, after begin a slow processing of frech kissing, pick the pace up after a while and repeat kissing hot spots over and over, this will give you gil one thing to remember and soemthing never to forget. And hey if she lkes it that much maybe she'll do the same to you ;)

  • 1st time kiss (guys):When its time for your 1st kiss, you will be scared. the 1st kiss is always the best. but ne ways when you kiss slowly do so and then back out. then once she goes toward you again, rub your girls tounge withurs(she will love it). then u will want more than just a
  • A Good First Kiss...This is a good one for a first kiss. Guys, wait for the right time, then lean in slowly, slowly, (to make sure she's okay with it), then lightly brush your lips over hers, then give her a really, really soft kiss. Then look into her eyes. She'll totally move in closer for another kiss!
  • A Great Top Tip! ( For Guys! ):If you and your girl have had a reeeeeally long kiss just a second ago and you are about to lean in STOP. Put your finger on her lips reeeeeli reeeeeli softly and kiss her eyes and nose. Then make sure she keeps her lips closed and YOU kiss her softly on her lips. Also try kissing her cheek it makes them giggle :D lol
  • Abcs of kissing:When Kissing your man breathe through your nose and try to spell the Abcs out on his tounge... but dont get to into it because that would be kinda embarassing if you just sat there after he pulled away spelling out h...i...j...k... good luck
  • Adorable kiss:kiss him on the cheek first and then kiss him softly on his lips. but thats it. he'll want more for sure, but dont rush it.
  • Aggressive Kissing (girls only):When kissing ur b/f (make sure ur up against a wall or something)grab ur b/f's shirt or his belt hoops (where the belt goes through) and pull him closer and harder to you. Than start kissing him harder, dont forget to play w/ his tongue too!! Its better when hes grabbing ur butt because its a major turn on for the both of you!
  • Close your Eyes:Normally it doesn't matter at all if you keep your eyes open or closed during a kiss. People do kisses all sorts of different ways, it's a personal preference. But for the very first kiss, it tends to be better if you close your eyes. That way you don't get nervous about what you see going on around you, and you can focus solely on that one kiss.
  • Deep kiss:u first kiss ur guy slowly and allow u'r tongue and his tongue and when both of u r feeling hot u'll kiss fast one's tongue getting in someone's mouth.u'r guy will always think of u whenever he think of kissing someone.
  • Extemly cute kiss:While you and your guy are laying down start playing with his hair. and when he leans in... pull out. if he leans in again let him kiss you but only for a second or two. then pull away amd smile. If he wants more then u know you've got him... me and my botfriend did this and he found it so irresistable, so im sure your guy will too.
  • French kiss:when you are kissing try to make her seem like you want her and hold her as close as possible remember to not rush the kissing or pull her closer to you fast do everything gently and everything will go smoothly.
  • French Kiss (for teens):If you wanna know how then first u kiss with closed mouth when you are ready open your pstners mouth a littel bit and yours and put the tip of your tounge in their mouth and u can explore their mouth or just go in circles around their tounge.
  • upside Down kiss:if ur bf/gf is lyig down...go to them and kiss him/her (frenching) its fun cuz it feels kinda diff but its a turn on ;)
  • How to make a kiss unbearably sexy:Go in as if you are about to kiss your boyfriend on the lips, then brush your lips against his and kiss his chin, then brush your lips against his again and kiss another part of the face ie his nose, it will drive him wild keep teasing him, even go as far as the ear and he will try and kiss you back but dont let him! until you think he's endured enough...!!!!

Friday, June 29, 2007


1.Accept The Shortcomings:None of us are perfect 2.Admitting your wrong:Some days couples argue about stuff 3.Agree to Disagree:There are some issues that simply come down to personal choice 4.Be Aware of Stressful: TimesThere are always going to be times that your partner is simply stressed out 5.Be Independently Happy:You love your partner, of course. But you should not rely on your partner to MAKE you happy 6.Brush the haterz off:Don't let everybody in the relationship. It's you and him 7.Choose your Arguments Wisely:Each time you argue, it takes a portion of the joy out of your relationship. 8.Do Not Shout:Good relationships are between best friends who love and respect each other 9.Don't suffocate him:Say you get home from work before he does. Don't immediately jump him with a to-do list the second he gets through the door 10.Forgive :) there are times that at first u think, how could he? etc.. talk to him about it. 11.Foundation:Build a Solid Foundation It'll help for the future 12.Love You:Dont forget to say "I LOVE YOU" 13.Less of the Ex - Please:Avoid saying too much of your ex love, say only what you are asked and nothing 14.Staying Together:For you to last you must talk, have feelings for each other 15.Tell him how you feel:Make sure you tell your partner how you feel,and dont say things that you dont mean 16.Try not to say No:When ure date asks you something try not to say no

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Relationships between you and the ones you love are important not only to your mental happiness. Relationships affect your mental and physical health. Having healthy relationships with people who are important to you is important. Keeping a relationship healthy is work whether it is a relationship between you and your child or between you and your spouse. Relationships involving a spouse (or significant other) can be the most difficult.

Here are some tips to help you maintain a healthy and satisfying relationship.

Relationships Don't Just Happen.Once you create a relationship you have to put forth the effort to keep the relationship going. The time and effort you put into your Relationship Is Reflected in the Quality of Relationship You Have. Relationships Are Need-Based.Both of You in the Relationship Have Needs. Focus on Your Partner's Needs. If You Are Unsure What Your Partner Desires Ask Him/her. Relationships Don't Have Room for Grudges.To Keep Your Relationship Strong You Need to Overlook Imperfections and Forgive Faults in Your Partner. Holding onto Grudges Makes it Impossible to Focus on Your Partner's Needs and Desires.Relationships That Last Take Time.Long-term relationships evolve slowly. Plan your relationship with long-term goals in mind. The old saying "haste makes waste," is true even for relationships. Don't waste your relationship by having an ugly break-up or divorce. Invest your time wisely into your relationship. Relationships Are Unique.People are unique so it should go without saying that relationships are unique also. The relationship you have with your children isn't the same as the relationship with your spouse. Relationships Build You, and your Partner, Up.Relationships are built on encouragement. When you are with your partner you should both strive to bring out the best in the other. Relationships Are Essential.Humans are social creatures. To keep your relationship strong you should remember that relationships are essential for both your and your partner's well-being you should build a supportive relationship that both of you can enjoy.Relationships Are for Two.For a relationship to survive both parties have to put forth effort. One sided relationships are nonexistent, unless you count stalking and unrequited love as relationships. You can not have a relationship with someone who is not interested in having one with you. When dealing with difficulties in your relationship remember there is only room for two in your relationship, this doesn't leave room for your mom or your father-in-law.


Tip 1:Be honest with each other. Don't lie to each other to avoid hurting each other's feelings... it's the worst thing you can do. Most of the time people will respect you more for it in the long run.

Tip 2:Always keep your word. If you say you are going to do something, do it, otherwise don't say you are going to do it. This also means keeping promises.

Tip 3:If you and your partner decide to date singles together, make sure you are both 100 % sure that's what you want. Also be certain that you both are making the decision and the decisions and consequences that come with it. Many times couples date another single person just out of curiosity or fantasy. If later on down the road one of you decides this is not what you expected or wanted (usually the girl) then you should both agree to stop and if one partner does not want to agree with it, then the relationship should end; period, end of discussion.

Tip 4:Be responsible for your own actions. Avoid blaming.

Tip 5:Do things together. This doesn't just mean watching TV, try cooking together or going out to dinner or the movies. Some other good things to do together... showering, exercising,etc...

Tip 6:Continue improving your relationship by learning from your mistakes. If you start to feel like a relationship isn't going anywhere or you start to feel powerless, it's time to move on. I'm not saying not to try and work things out, but normally you get the feeling when things aren't going to work out after having already tried, tried, and tried again.

Tip 7:Don't try to change each other, unless it's for the better. This does not mean you can mold the other person to fit your dream person... Life doesn't work this way, sorry dude. What it means is, for example, smoking... my partner HATES the fact that I smoke, but I feel it's my decision. He isn't being anything more than caring by asking me to try to quit, he's not telling me to quit, he's asking me to try or not to smoke with him in the car... things like this are actually healthy.

Tip 8:Remember that each relationship is different and each offers you something to learn from. NEVER ever compare your partner to a past partner.

Tip 9:Learn to appreciate each other and each other's feelings.

Tip 10:NEVER neglect your friends to spend time with your partner. The last thing you want to do is not have a friend around to talk to for advice or not have anyone around when the relationship ends.

Tip 11:Open-Communication - You should be able to feel confident talking to your partner about anything and you should be open to listening to your partner when he or she wants to talk with you. You can't have a relationship with out communication.

Tip 12:Be realistic. There is no perfect man or woman. Remember that everyone is unique for a reason, how boring would a person be if they were everything you had expected? There would be no differences, no learning experiences, you'd probably get pretty bored pretty fast.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


When a relationship doesn’t work out move on. Don’t waste valuable time holding on. This will sabotage your getting into a relationship that will meet your needs –• Don’t seek revenge – when things don’t work out don’t hang on, let it go. Revenge makes you look desperate, lonely, and emotionally disturbed. Revenge is a way of staying attached. It never, never gets him back.

• Don’t stay friends with him.Staying friends with your ex is often an excuse to somehow stay connected to him it’s sometimes a woman’s inability to detach from a man who’s rejected her, or is not interested in having the kind of relationship that she wants.

Staying friends with an ex doesn’t always work and a person can get even more hurt or deeply disappointed at the very least. The man usually never “comes to his senses” by continuing to hang out with you, and realize what he’s missing. In fact, he’s more likely to fantasize and wonder about what you’re up to and who you’re with if he has no contact with you.
So unless you have children together, or are both involved in a business, I strongly suggest not to stay friends with someone who’s rejected you, or did not want the relationship you wanted.
• Don’t contact him.Do whatever it takes to not contact him. Do not e-mail him, I.M. him, go to his house, his job, or call him.Each time you connect with him it makes it more difficult to let go of him. The bond keeps recementing. The memory traces of him in your brain keep strengthening rather than eroding. That’s why the saying “time heals all wounds” is true. The less memories you have of your ex the easier it is to forget him. It’s mother nature doing her work.

Here’s some things you can do if you don’t want to call him.

- Do something to distract yourself
- Pamper yourself
- Have an emergency therapy session
- Think of all his negative qualities
- Think of all the possible negative things that can happen if you do call
- Try to meet new people
- Call someone in your support system
- Stop whatever trigger is causing you to call your ex




As you continue your journey of enlightment and self-discovery you may find somethings that made no sense at the time,might then begin to seem possible and perhaps even probable. What is important is that you aply yourself with an open mind and open heart.

Start to understand you are success and your happiness is unlimited only what you beleive is possible.The range of possibilities are only restricted by limited human understanding.Trust the Universe,it will show you the answers when you are open to receive them.

The fact is that they are only uncomfatable to you,no one else.There maybe times when you need to face up to some unpleasant truths.

You have nothing to gain by deceive yourself or others.When you take the easy option it will not lead to growth and enlightement.

So are you ready to take the risk and to take yourself on.

There are no Teachers,You are your own teacher.

Just as you would learn from a teacher you learn from yourself...