Thursday, June 28, 2007


Relationships between you and the ones you love are important not only to your mental happiness. Relationships affect your mental and physical health. Having healthy relationships with people who are important to you is important. Keeping a relationship healthy is work whether it is a relationship between you and your child or between you and your spouse. Relationships involving a spouse (or significant other) can be the most difficult.

Here are some tips to help you maintain a healthy and satisfying relationship.

Relationships Don't Just Happen.Once you create a relationship you have to put forth the effort to keep the relationship going. The time and effort you put into your Relationship Is Reflected in the Quality of Relationship You Have. Relationships Are Need-Based.Both of You in the Relationship Have Needs. Focus on Your Partner's Needs. If You Are Unsure What Your Partner Desires Ask Him/her. Relationships Don't Have Room for Grudges.To Keep Your Relationship Strong You Need to Overlook Imperfections and Forgive Faults in Your Partner. Holding onto Grudges Makes it Impossible to Focus on Your Partner's Needs and Desires.Relationships That Last Take Time.Long-term relationships evolve slowly. Plan your relationship with long-term goals in mind. The old saying "haste makes waste," is true even for relationships. Don't waste your relationship by having an ugly break-up or divorce. Invest your time wisely into your relationship. Relationships Are Unique.People are unique so it should go without saying that relationships are unique also. The relationship you have with your children isn't the same as the relationship with your spouse. Relationships Build You, and your Partner, Up.Relationships are built on encouragement. When you are with your partner you should both strive to bring out the best in the other. Relationships Are Essential.Humans are social creatures. To keep your relationship strong you should remember that relationships are essential for both your and your partner's well-being you should build a supportive relationship that both of you can enjoy.Relationships Are for Two.For a relationship to survive both parties have to put forth effort. One sided relationships are nonexistent, unless you count stalking and unrequited love as relationships. You can not have a relationship with someone who is not interested in having one with you. When dealing with difficulties in your relationship remember there is only room for two in your relationship, this doesn't leave room for your mom or your father-in-law.

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