Friday, June 29, 2007


1.Accept The Shortcomings:None of us are perfect 2.Admitting your wrong:Some days couples argue about stuff 3.Agree to Disagree:There are some issues that simply come down to personal choice 4.Be Aware of Stressful: TimesThere are always going to be times that your partner is simply stressed out 5.Be Independently Happy:You love your partner, of course. But you should not rely on your partner to MAKE you happy 6.Brush the haterz off:Don't let everybody in the relationship. It's you and him 7.Choose your Arguments Wisely:Each time you argue, it takes a portion of the joy out of your relationship. 8.Do Not Shout:Good relationships are between best friends who love and respect each other 9.Don't suffocate him:Say you get home from work before he does. Don't immediately jump him with a to-do list the second he gets through the door 10.Forgive :) there are times that at first u think, how could he? etc.. talk to him about it. 11.Foundation:Build a Solid Foundation It'll help for the future 12.Love You:Dont forget to say "I LOVE YOU" 13.Less of the Ex - Please:Avoid saying too much of your ex love, say only what you are asked and nothing 14.Staying Together:For you to last you must talk, have feelings for each other 15.Tell him how you feel:Make sure you tell your partner how you feel,and dont say things that you dont mean 16.Try not to say No:When ure date asks you something try not to say no

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