Saturday, June 30, 2007


1. always complement a lady:Give her a good compliment like you look beautiful..etc

2.always listen to your gurl:If your girl says something and you know its a lie just tell her you believe her because if you say no she will think you dont trust her and if you say yes she will think that you dont want to lose her and she will like you more. Hope this works for you

3.Ask...Ask them something that they would maybe enjoy doing (i.e. playing guitar or something) and just keep doing stuff like that

4.B4 u talk to her:make a list of what to talk about

5.BE HONEST…Never try to lie to make yourself look better, or to keep yourself out of trouble with her. The thing that girls looks for in a guy the most is honesty. Remember...if she don't like you for who you are. Then the hell with her. But remember the most important thing... BE HONEST


7.Clothing: you have chosen the clothes you wear because they are clothes you enjoy. So talk to your mate about the clothes they choose! Say how much you like them, ask why they chose that color, enjoy the texture of the shirt. Comment on the cool design or embroidery

8.Come on guys... Its not that hard: Guys... come on! If you like a girl dont wait for her to give you a "sign"... most girls are waiting for you to go and talk to her. Go up to her and break the ice, ask a stupid question or just ask her for her name.

9. Conversation:If you wanna make a great convo wif your bf/gf find out what they r interested in. Then just bring it up casually with him/her and then BOOM - theres a convo - because your bf/gf will be suprised you know so much about it and they will share their thoughts too

10.How to get a girl’s name:Go up to a girl and ask, Do i know you and if they say no, then interduce yourself. Then ask them thier name. Trust me, you get to know a girl that way.

11.Eye contact and smile:Really, this one can go for men or women - simply, smile at that person when you see them, and when they're talking keep eye contact with them (or at least on their face). Smile when greeting them, smile when saying good-bye; keep eye contact and make it seem like whatever they're saying to you is of the utmost importance - which it should be if you're trying to woo him/her!This really does work, just let it come naturally.

12.Get him to talk to you:Look at him and when he notices that you've been looking at him ask him for help. Then when he is helping you complment him on how cute or how good he looks.

13. go up to her:Even if you are shy say to your self i can do it.Repeat it over and over and you'll get itAsk her for her name,say that you think she's cute and you want to get to know her,etc...Ask for her number but don't give her yours if she's a shy one.

14.good tip:talk about their favorite color,food exc talk about what made him/her like you and how you guys met

15.shake with the flirty smile:when u meet a girl first time just don t say hi move ur hand forward to shake her hand and give her flirty smile .it help s the the girl to think about u.

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