Wednesday, June 27, 2007


As you continue your journey of enlightment and self-discovery you may find somethings that made no sense at the time,might then begin to seem possible and perhaps even probable. What is important is that you aply yourself with an open mind and open heart.

Start to understand you are success and your happiness is unlimited only what you beleive is possible.The range of possibilities are only restricted by limited human understanding.Trust the Universe,it will show you the answers when you are open to receive them.

The fact is that they are only uncomfatable to you,no one else.There maybe times when you need to face up to some unpleasant truths.

You have nothing to gain by deceive yourself or others.When you take the easy option it will not lead to growth and enlightement.

So are you ready to take the risk and to take yourself on.

There are no Teachers,You are your own teacher.

Just as you would learn from a teacher you learn from yourself...

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Anonymous said...

Lif3 iz journy..huh..i just thought its a'x'a diz iz realy kwel...your nt broken..:-)