Thursday, June 28, 2007


Tip 1:Be honest with each other. Don't lie to each other to avoid hurting each other's feelings... it's the worst thing you can do. Most of the time people will respect you more for it in the long run.

Tip 2:Always keep your word. If you say you are going to do something, do it, otherwise don't say you are going to do it. This also means keeping promises.

Tip 3:If you and your partner decide to date singles together, make sure you are both 100 % sure that's what you want. Also be certain that you both are making the decision and the decisions and consequences that come with it. Many times couples date another single person just out of curiosity or fantasy. If later on down the road one of you decides this is not what you expected or wanted (usually the girl) then you should both agree to stop and if one partner does not want to agree with it, then the relationship should end; period, end of discussion.

Tip 4:Be responsible for your own actions. Avoid blaming.

Tip 5:Do things together. This doesn't just mean watching TV, try cooking together or going out to dinner or the movies. Some other good things to do together... showering, exercising,etc...

Tip 6:Continue improving your relationship by learning from your mistakes. If you start to feel like a relationship isn't going anywhere or you start to feel powerless, it's time to move on. I'm not saying not to try and work things out, but normally you get the feeling when things aren't going to work out after having already tried, tried, and tried again.

Tip 7:Don't try to change each other, unless it's for the better. This does not mean you can mold the other person to fit your dream person... Life doesn't work this way, sorry dude. What it means is, for example, smoking... my partner HATES the fact that I smoke, but I feel it's my decision. He isn't being anything more than caring by asking me to try to quit, he's not telling me to quit, he's asking me to try or not to smoke with him in the car... things like this are actually healthy.

Tip 8:Remember that each relationship is different and each offers you something to learn from. NEVER ever compare your partner to a past partner.

Tip 9:Learn to appreciate each other and each other's feelings.

Tip 10:NEVER neglect your friends to spend time with your partner. The last thing you want to do is not have a friend around to talk to for advice or not have anyone around when the relationship ends.

Tip 11:Open-Communication - You should be able to feel confident talking to your partner about anything and you should be open to listening to your partner when he or she wants to talk with you. You can't have a relationship with out communication.

Tip 12:Be realistic. There is no perfect man or woman. Remember that everyone is unique for a reason, how boring would a person be if they were everything you had expected? There would be no differences, no learning experiences, you'd probably get pretty bored pretty fast.

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