Thursday, November 1, 2007

10 Love Making Tips to Light Ur Women's Fire

Use these 10 love making tips on your woman and you'll have her swooning with desire.

1. Touch

Women are very tactile beings. They love to be touched and caressed. Hold her, massage her, tease and tantalize her playfully with your fingers. Don’t go straight to the genitals, pay attention to her whole body.

2. Kisses

Deep passionate kisses are one of the biggest turn ons for a woman. Looking into her eyes or touching her face while kissing her can increase the arousal of the kiss. Kissing other parts of the body such as the neck, belly, inner thighs, buttocks, pelvis area surrounding the vagina, fingers and maybe even the feet for some can heighten her pleasure.

3. Emotional Connection

For women, sex is usually an emotional act as well as a physical act. The deeper the emotional connection, the better the sex will be for her and the deeper her desire for her lover will become. Share your feelings with your woman and express how you feel about her freely. For her, what goes on outside the bedroom is an important factor of what will occur in the bedroom.

4. Foreplay & Aferplay

*Pay extra attention to this very importan love making tip*There is nothing that is a bigger turn off for a woman than a lover who immediately begins penetration without tending to her body and mind. Just as important as foreplay is the period of time immediately following the sex, afterplay. Afterplay reinforces how a woman feels about the sexual experience and will have a great impact on how she responds to her lover in the future.

5. Make Her Feel Important,
Women also need to feel important to their lover. Take an active interest in who she is as a person and what goes on in her life. Ignite your woman’s passion by making her feel special, cherished and adored.

6. Value and Respect
For sex to be at its best, most women need to feel valued and respected by their lover. Her desire and level of satisfaction will grow deeper. She will want her lover more frequently and be more motivated to meet his sexual needs as well.

7. Listen

Women are more attracted to a man who listens to her and actually hears her. Being heard makes her feel important and valued, thereby increasing her feelings of intimacy with her lover and encouraging her to be free and uninhibited in her lovemaking. Her level of satisfaction is enhanced and her desire for her lover increased.

8. Show Her Your Passion & Desire

A woman wants to be wanted passionately. She wants to see your deep desire for her and feel how much you want her. Pursue her passionately and she will be a wild cat full of desire.

9. Take Your Time

*Another very important love making tip*The path to orgasm is just as fulfilling as the orgasm itself and the path is also important for enhancing her orgasmic experience. Take the long meandering road, savoring, pampering and adoring every part of her body along the way.

10. Be a Master of Oral
The majority of women cannot achieve orgasm through intercourse. Taking pleasure in delighting your woman orally is by far one of the most enjoyable ways for her to be satisfied.


Paris said...

Wow! you hit the spot!!! I am a woman and all you said here is exactly what I want from my lover!

Naxaa said...

Thanx for ur comment Paris.. Feel good to hear it.. :)

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