Thursday, November 1, 2007

2 Biggest 'LOVE MAKING Mistakes Couples Make

Mistake 1:

Feeling scared or embarrassed to ask about trying new things
Believe it or not, in 90% of the cases your partner would LOVE to try something new too but they're just as uncomfortable about bringing it up as you are.
Lovemaking, no matter how fantastic the basic act is, does get dull over the years. There is no shame in that. And you don't need to introduce whips, chains or a third person. That's nonsense! There are hundreds of ways to bring variety to your passionate play that aren't crude or dangerous. Which leads me to the next mistake…

Mistake 2:
Thinking that porn or toys will make your lovemaking better.
When sex hits a rough patch many couples (men especially) think that a video, some plastic or vibrating thingy will instantly take things through the roof. Wrong!
While toys can certainly have their place in your lovemaking repertoire, relying on them can be extremely dangerous. These outside sources of pleasure can quickly make lovemaking even less fulfilling.
Why? Because you don't want your partner to end up looking forward to their plastic toy more than you, do you? Couples need to first fully discover how to please all their spouses' body parts before introducing other elements. Think of them as a spice rather than the main course.

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