Monday, November 19, 2007

3 Thins Men Can't Resist in a Woman

A Woman Who Smiles (More powerful than you might realize)

A woman who smiles makes it easier for a man to approach her by conveying an attitude of confidence and playfulness. Since many women are fearful of giving men the wrong impression they frequently guard their smiles.
While that approach is safer, it inadvertently sends the wrong message that she is someone who is
overly cautious because they have been hurt.
In addition, smiling is a sign of acceptance. Men often need some signal that it is safe to approach a woman before they’re willing to a risk introducing themselves (unless they are intoxicated).

A Woman who Listens (and doesn’t dominate the conversation)

Men rarely get listened to, at least not beyond a few minutes. Most of the time a few minutes is all men really need. But since most men hate to be rejected, it is easier for them to keep conversations superficial. They expect most women to want to talk, rather than be willing to listen. If they happen to meet a woman who listens with her eyes (looks at him while he’s talking) as well as her ears, they are intrigued. Then, if she continues to listen and not take over the conversation, that’s the kind of woman that men can’t resist and will eventually marry

A Woman who dresses Feminine (Men are REALLY visual)

Everyone knows that men are visual. However, women often forget just how helpless guys are to what they see. The right visual stimulation can hypnotize a man. Women hear this and often become fearful. They mistakenly believe that men only notice perfect women.
Forget perfect! If you really want to be noticed by men, think colors, dresses and curves. Men basically like any woman who has that
soft and cuddly quality. It isn’t that men don’t find women attractive in pants or when they are dressed comfortably. They don’t notice them as easily. It doesn’t catch their eye like earrings or long hair does.
Conversely, a powerfully dressed woman (think lots of red) makes most men think of sex, or not notice her at all. She may have a soft side, but if men can’t see it, they often don’t know it exists. The more feminine (softer) a woman dresses, the more men she will attract.

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