Sunday, September 9, 2007


The women who is beaten on a regular basis by her husband but stays with him is blinded by love.

The man who is cheated on on a regular basis by his girlfriend but always forgive her and believes she will not do it again is blinded by love.

Love does not see what a person is really like.

Have you ever been so in love with someone that you thought they were perfect only to find out that they are just a normal human being with selfish tendencies? Then you were blinded by love.

Love will make a person seem and appear how you want them to be. You will mould their image in your mind and will deny anything that they do or say which contradicts this image.Love will make you filter out the bad stuff and only see the good stuff in them.

Eventually the light of this all consuming love will die down and you will start to wake up and some people even wonder why the heck they are with that person.

Have you ever looked at your partner and thought who are you? Who is this person I am living with? Then you were blinded by love.

Love is like being a horse with blinkers galloping down a road of gold, and on the side of the road a great battle is going on, a war of many different conflicting forces but you can only see the golden road. You have your blinkers on and at the end of the road is a waterfall which will take you down to the very depths of Hades itself.

Have you ever looked at someone you were with when you were younger and been almost in shock that you were with such a person? Then you were blinded by love.

Love will only see the pleasure and the attention that they are receiving from the object of their desire, it will not at first see the actual person..........therefore it is blind

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