Thursday, September 20, 2007


Why do people have sex? Seems about as obvious as Ms. Star Jones having weight loss surgery, but apparently it is not.
In a recent study published in
Archives of Sexual Behavior (I don’t read it; I swear. I actually saw this study on the Today Show), 2,000 people were asked why they had sex.

The answer? Well, surprisingly, there were more than one. 237 reasons, to be exact.

The top three most popular responses for both men and women seemed the most obvious:

1. They were attracted to the person

2. They wanted to experience physical pleasure

3. “It feels good”

The other 234 reasons were random, interesting and – sometimes – scary.

Some included: to burn calories, for revenge, to make babies, to get closer to the person, to get closer to God and to pass STDs onto someone else (yikes!).

My personal reasons for having sex:

1. I like it
2. My man wants it
3. I’m H-O-R-N-Y
4. It feels GREAT .. and therefore i like to do it

Then again, that’s just me. I can’t judge others for wanting to have sex to fit in with their friends or to get ahead in the work place.

The most interesting thing to come from this study, however, is the fact that both men and women wanted to have sex for physical more than emotional reasons.

Which finally puts an end to the “sex changes everything” argument.

Women can no longer be viewed as emotional/love seeking/weepy in the bedroom anymore.

We – being the women of the 21st centry– want sex for the same top three reasons men do. Mostly because we need some good old fashion passion. Not because we want to form a connection or to make our lives more like a romantic comedy.

Nope. We just want to get some.

And is there any reason better than that?

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