Sunday, December 23, 2007

Get Your Partner In The Mood

Getting your partner in the mood for sexual romance can sometimes be difficult, especially when your partner is going through a stressful or hectic time. But, that shouldn't stop you from being sexually intimate. Below you'll find ideas geared to helping you find creative ways to initiate lovemaking, no matter what the situation may be.

Present your partner with a coupon book good for various sexual acts like: one hour of pure pleasure from me, oral sex like you've never had before, one fantasy come true, etc. Use your imagination, as well as try to pick things you know you're partner would like.

Write a short erotic story about the two of you. The best way to go about this is to write down a fantasy in story format. Mail it to your partner or leave it somewhere they can find it.

Similar to the above, create "I'd like to do to you" cards. On about 10 - 15 blank index cards, write different sexual things you'd like to do to your partner. Hide them for them to find (make sure kids or other family members won't get them).

Call your partner and talk dirty to him.

Don't give your partner the opportunity to say no. If you're both comfortable with this idea, when they come home or visit you, grab them, blindfold them and tie there hands together with a silk scarf. Make sure while you're making love that you take your time to pleasure them and show your love.

Buy a few books on lovemaking or print out a few articles on lovemaking from the Internet. Leave them in places where you know you're partner will see that you're reading them. Make it clear to them you're going to try some of these tips out on them when you're ready.

Touch can be a powerful sexual arousal technique. During the day touch your partner whenever possible. Do it as if it's something you'd do everyday. When you're sitting next to each other, place your hand on their thigh. When you're standing caress their back or stomach.
Go somewhere just for the sake of making love. For example, a hotel, a secluded area, etc.

Leave a note for your partner telling them you plan on making sweet, passionate love to them tonight so be prepared

Create a romantic interlude like this one: Silence Is Golden: A Sensual Romantic Evening.

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