Saturday, December 29, 2007

Improve Your Sex Life

Does your sex life lack luster and imagination? Need a way to give it a kick start? Try one of the five ideas below guaranteed to inspire passionate play tonight!


You'd be surprised to learn how many couples don't talk about what they want, or don't want, in bed. This is one area that can always be improved. Talk about your fantasies together, play a game of truth or dare or take turns telling each other what you'd like to do to the other person.

Read Together

Inspiration comes in many forms, and many times it is from a great book. Get yours going by starting a library of sensual books. Make sure your collection has a variety of topics such as how-to topics, prose and idea books.

Make A To Do Jar

Separately write twenty things you'd like to try. Cut them out and fold them up. Put the forty ideas in a jar. Each week, individually take out a slip of paper. Don't show each other your slips of paper. Before the week is up, secretly plan to do the idea on the paper with your partner. When you're done with the papers, make up new ideas you'd like to try.

Keep A Passion Diary

Go to a bookstore, and pick a journal you both like. Decide on a secret keeping place for the journal that no one else will accidentally discover. Take turns writing your passionate thoughts and desires to each other.

Try Something New

Get a book of positions. Each month sit down with your partner, and pick a position of the month. Spend the month practicing it, and different variations of the position until you find a favorite.

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