Saturday, January 12, 2008

10 Ways to Put Passion BACK in the Bedroom

Are you ready to take your passion to a new level? These tips are sure to take just about any relationship from ho-hum to WOW! Some ideas may seem like basic romance… but let's be honest… when was the last time you ACTUALLY did them? That's right… the only way for this to work is to put the ideas into practice. Try all 10 and see what happens!

Take a hot shower or bath together.

When you are in the bath or shower, keep close physical contact. Wash each other and whisper in their ear the things you specifically love about making love to them.

Share a romantic dinner in front of the fireplace.

Nothing speaks romance like sharing a meal in front of the glow of a burning fire. It's even better if you're nude or barely covered with lace and silk. Make sure the dinner you share is conducive to a romantic setting. Food that can easily be eaten with the least amount of utensils is usually your best bet!

Keep constant close physical contact when you are not at home.

Keeping a sparked connection throughout the night is one of the most effective ways to keeping your partner passionate about you. A hand on their thigh, a whisper in their ear or a kiss on the neck are all great for reminding your partner what's waiting at home.

A long, passionate kiss.

How often do you really just express your desire in a kiss? When you first start dating it's usually one of the only ways to express your desire. Refresh your kissing skills by every so often catching your partner off-guard with a weak-in-the-knees passionate kiss.

Leave a sexy note in the morning telling them to have nothing on, but the radio when you get home.

They'll be thinking about it all day at work! Want to keep your partner's mind on you ALL day? Do this idea! You can even go a step further and tell them what's in store for them as well!

Feed each other sensually suggestive finger foods.

The best way to feed each other? Naked, of course! Set the tone for an incredible lovemaking experience with a little forethought and some of their favorite tender treats.

Slow, sensual massage, complete with massage oil.

If your hands slowly massaging every part of their body can't turn them on… well, you need more than these tips to jumpstart your sexual relationship! Create new sensations with the addition of props such as a feather, fur mitten or a metal chain.

Read your partner an erotic bedtime story.

The best encounters are those we don't plan on. Tell your partner you'd like to read them a story. Without letting them see the book (maybe slip a book cover over it) begin to delight their ears with a sensual story made perfect for two!

Write a sexy letter describing everything you'd like to do to them.

Sometimes it's difficult to actually speak out loud the things we enjoy about sex with our partner. Leave no doubts about your attraction and get them ready for some loving with a very in-depth description about what you enjoy doing to them!

Study a new sexual practice such as tantric sex or the kama sutra together.

Expand your sexual horizons and learn new ways to turn each other on. There are many, many sexual techniques you can learn or sexual practices to study. Get two books, one for each of you, on a particular subject relating to sex. Agree on a pre-determined time frame to be done with the books. On one agreed night, one partner will give a full body "report" on what they learned. On another night the other partner will do the same. Compare notes…

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