Monday, January 21, 2008

Proposal-Some tips to propose to your dream man

It is probably the time for conformation of your love. The sweetest moment of your life. I suggest tips to make your conformation successful.

Place of proposals:
Privacy is the best companion during proposal occasions. Make sure that you and your stay alone. Get to a place in silence because your voice should be in a low shrill that conveys your love on him. Beach,parks,Church or temples or at your home if you are dare enough. Hotel or restaurant are the best place for proposals.

· Think of a dim light and silence prevails around you. Candle with a crisp yellow flames enlighten your face, then mention marriage in the wonderful afterglow.

Notable points during proposals:

*Firstly, don't think you're all alone - 9% of proposals are from women to men, and 80% of men would accept a proposal from a woman.

*If you really do want to, make sure the answer is going to be yes. I have never met a couple who have survived the answer to a proposal being no. And remember, proposals aren't the answer to dodgy relationships

*Remember that actions speak louder than words. Show him what a great lifetime partner you could be through thoughtful actions, sincerity, kindness and other appealing traits.

*Do NOT do it if you've known the fellow for less than six months, exactly the point at which your rose-tinted specs will convince you both to say yes, before you discover his four previous convictions and his credit card bill.

*Don't get down on one knee, especially if you're in stilettos. Women rarely look good in this position and you may find his head tilting down your breasts. Plus, if you're already doing the asking, you don't want to look particularly craven

*At a maximum try to see his eye keen look for proposal reaction, Eyes are the best emotion expresser than words, but words convey to our satisfaction

*Try to make use of feb 14th(valentiens day). if you lose your nerve on February 14th, you could drop back to the more traditional methods, like mooching very slowly past jewellery shops (remember: men are stupid), asking him whether he likes gold or platinum...... ;-)

*Proposing to her on her birthday is another great way to go about it. And another positive aspect of it, she probably won't notice that you forgot to get her a birthday present.

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