Saturday, January 19, 2008


*Ask her about herself, her ambitions, her life. Be interested. It's a rare woman who wants to sit around all night listening to a man talk about himself. And the more you try to impress her with your tales of adventure, the less impressed she'll be.

*Be presentable. Women are notorious accessorizers, and whether she'll admit it to you or not, you are an accessory. Other women will judge her on her choice. A clean, good-smelling man with well-fitting clothes is a real prize.
Make eye contact. A lot. And smile - in a friendly way. Don't leer.

*If your are so close enough to give her a chocolate,make it as a practice that you share a chocolate daily.. A recent survey says that most of teen aged girls are adicted to chocolates much..
*Be a gentleman. It's a myth that chivalry is dead, right? There are just a few women out there messing it up for the rest of us who really do like to have doors held open for us.
*Learn to dance. Women will flock to you - all of them will be impressed.
*Be funny without being crude. It's an art.
*Compliment her. Notice her shoes or her watch - something that shows you're paying attention. We'll change our clothes six times before we leave the house; it's nice to find someone who appreciates the final choice.

*It's hard for a woman not to be impressed with a man who is impressed with her. If you really like her, tell her so. You don't have to make a big deal about it, just let her know you admire her.

*Build your lover a web page telling them why you love them so much. Mention special moments and add some images and cool links to topics that interest them. Surf the web with them one day and just "stumble upon it". Or have someone send them an anonymous email with the link inviting them to the page.

*Contact her family and ask if there was anything she always wanted when she was a little girl.For example if she always wanted a porcelain doll, buy one for her birthday. She will not only appreciate the gift but also the fact that you were thoughtful enough to find out what she always wanted.

*Create a loving nickname for your partner. This could be the name she was called by her family when she was a little girl or something that is special just for the two of you.

*Give her some special gift such , Buy your partner a gold fish in a bowl and give it to her with a card saying,“Of all the fish in the sea,you're the fish for me!”

#Phone and cell phones are the mojor device which helps in devoloping a relationship between you and her.. There some facts to handle while talking to her too..

A general fact: for some reason we want a phone call right after we've last seen you. It's the initial separation where we get insecure. So call that night, or call the next day. Then you can take a break for a couple days if you want.

Another general fact: Not all girls like to chat on the phone. Or want to be called every day. Remember to read cues.

A general fact for me, I have no idea if it applies to other people: I HATE being told exactly when you're going to call. I swear I will purposely leave the house between 5 and 5:15 if you tell me that that's when you're going to call. For some reason it's just way too confining.

And I hate being told that you're going to be home between 8 and 10case I want to call you. Don't do it. I won't call. Just leave the whole thing open. 'I'll call you tonight' if you must; 'I'll call you later' even better.

The scenario: You woke up with her this morning. The rule: Call her that night. Weekday, weekend, doesn't matter. If you spent all day with her afterwards you're off the hook, but must call the next day.

The scenario: You visited for the weekend from out of town. The rule: Call as soon as you get home to let her know you got home alright. No exceptions.
The scenario: You just got home from being with your friends, you're drunk, you're thinking about her. The rule: Call her. Drunken phone calls are so much fun. And girls like to know that you're thinking of them when you're drunk. This will also earn you lots of points if you're actually out of town for the weekend and you still call her late Sat. night. BUT be careful with this one. Only do this if you're confident that the girl likes you too and confident that the girl isn't the kind of person who'll get psycho jealous just 'cause you went and had fun without her. (If she's that kind of person you don't want to date her anyway. . .)
The scenario: It's Sunday night. The rule: You call. Always call on Sunday night.

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